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1. One-month notice for TC is required along with fee of one month notice period.
2. TC will be issued after 30 days of application received.
3. It should be applied before end of the last month of academic session i.e. 31
st March/Annual
PTM (whichever is earlier) is last day to apply for TC without any extra charges. Post that
one-month fee shall be levied. e.g. If you apply on 20th April, then one-month fee shall be
4. TC issue fees is Rs. 500.
5. If TC is required in new session, then it shall be considered that ward is promoted in new
session and one-month fee shall be levied till 15th May of that session.
6. In any circumstances if the ward leaves school in mid-session, then TC fee shall be levied
along with one-month fee from the date of application.
7. Ward may attend school till the time school is levying the fee for TC procedure.
8. The name of the student will be stuck off from the rolls after issue of TC & full admission fee
will be charged if readmission would be seeked.