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From the Principal’s Desk

We at Mount Litera Zee School (Agra), aim at thriving excellence in the field of academics as well as co-curricular activities. Our school is well- equipped with all the facilities related to teaching and sports as well. We have labs for all the required subjects including the Math’s lab. Apart from this, we have a swimming pool and courts for Badminton, Basketball, and Football etc. We have a huge playground, spacious lawns and a highly advanced library. Our faculty members are experienced and well-trained. The student -teacher ratio is well-maintained and it is ensured that each child is given equal attention. The school organizes excursion trips every month which caters to the all-round development of the children. Our school is entirely techno-savvy with well-equipped smart boards. These smart boards are directly connected to the internet.

The school’s view is that each child has some potential within. They all are born with some individual talents. Some just open their packages sooner than others. For us, they are not merely the roll numbers….but unique individuals.

We believe that school’s improvement is a journey, where we travel as pilgrims not as nomads. So, let us come together and work towards achieving our goals. If everyone helps to hold up the sky, then one person does not become tired.

“What we do makes a difference and we have to decide what kind of difference we want to make!”

Ranjeeta Rani