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Director’s Message

The 21st century children have their own independent thinking. They are not in favour of the old ideologies and beliefs. They make their own way to reach their destination with the help of their fresh and innovative ideas. In today’s date, “Creativity is the new literacy”.

We at MLZS Agra provide a platform to the students to express themselves and show them the light to choose the right path. We are also a medium for those who can think differently and stand out of the crowd to achieve their goal without losing their moral values.

We create not only a good learning environment but also encourage them for other extra-curricular activities such as sports, dance, quizzes, elocution etc. It’s not about whether they are good, but what they are good at. It is a rule of nature that all students cannot be equally good at studies, we all are born with our own individual talents and capabilities. So, keeping this in mind we give equal importance to the co-curricular activities with due respect to the studies. As we know, that every child is special in his/her own way. So, here we are just like the second parents to them, who can understand and solve their problems and matters. It is the language of love and affection that we all are bonded with. We encourage the students to move on in life with their own interests and passion.

Zee Learn, New Delhi sends experts to our school to train our faculty members at a regular basis. We nurture and mould our students in such a way since their childhood, that few years down the line when they step outside their doors towards the harsh phases of life, they are well-prepared and capable enough to achieve their dreams after crossing all the challenges and hurdles coming in their way. We take special care that they do not lose their confidence at any cost and should keep trying till they succeed. Mount Litera Zee School, is one of the leading school brands of India, whose main objective is to facilitate the learning process by being a source of constant guide and companion to our children. We believe in making the learning enjoyable and interesting.

Here, we are not in favour of mugging up the lessons without its proper understanding. Our teachers are not in a hurry to complete the syllabus and be done with it. We try to give extra time to each child till he/she is not able to grasp the knowledge thoroughly. The syllabus here are kept short and they are examined at a regular basis. Pressurising the students with a vast syllabus in not our cup of tea. Our students perform all the science-based experiments pertaining to various chapters and concepts in the BRAIN-CAFE, the department meant for the practical sessions of science. Mount Litera Zee School, is the Agra’s first entirely techno-savvy school, where we do not use the old means of teaching, instead an interactive whiteboard is being used in our classroom where we can save the required data months earlier. For instance, if a child remains absent for a particular day, he/she can study and revise with the help of the saved data on the next day or whenever he/she is back to school. The interactive whiteboard is directly connected to the Internet.

As we believe in giving an equal importance to the mental as well as physical growth, various activities are conducted in our school from time to time regarding the same. These activities are specially designed by the Zee Learn Limited. Recently our school played the host in organizing the ‘National Level Olympiad’, where all the Mount Literans of the North Zone participated in it. The students were accompanied by their respective teachers. They participated in various sports competitions and cultural programmes. The students of Mount Litera are being taught by an Illume kit, which has been exclusively designed by the Zee Learn. In order to make the syllabus easy and interesting, the geometrical tools and 3D charts are brought into use at a regular basis during the class hours.

The students of the class can visualize the photos/videos related to the concerned topics, directly through the Internet. The educational techniques in today’s date are so much advanced that it enables a child to take interest in studies and actively participate in the learning sessions. These small yet significant factors are a mighty step towards building up the child’s future prospects, which will help him to become an achiever in life. Apart from studies, special classes are provided to the children for singing & dancing,skating, swimming and horse-riding by the well-trained teachers hired by the school.

At last, I would like to conclude by saying that, “We cannot become what we need to be by remaining as we are”. So we believe in Change, a Change for the betterment!

Sparsh Bansal
Mount Litera Zee School Agra