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About Our Strengths

Litera Teachers

Mount Litera Zee School pays strict attention to the quality of teaching, for that we have renowned teachers from across the city and various parts of the country as well.

Litera Content

It is a perfect blend of technology with the physical options like worksheets, synopses, projects and activities. Effective use of e-content to ensure the one-of-its kind blended learning design approach at par with very few schools globally.

Litera Infra

State-of-the-art school design ensures positive and encouraging environment for learning inside and outside class. Our proprietary technology platform (emountlitera) helps in tracking student progress and connects all stakeholders in the students development.

Litera Assessment

Our assessments focus on identifying what students are good at instead of whether they are good or not. MLZS assessments take place on a continuous basis and at the child’s pace rather than through only stressful periodic exams. Assessment patterns are based on feedback from various stakeholders including parents.

Litera Network

We leverage the power of the ever-expanding network of Mount Litera Zee Schools and promote collaboration and exchange among students, teachers, school leaders and parents across the country through events, activities, newsletters and other platforms. In national-level training programs teachers discuss challenges and exchange best practices from their experience. Students bond with other students, compete and learn through inter-school competitions.

Litera Life Skills

We have developed a skill-based interactive program to promote personal development of students. Apart from structured activities for developing life-skills, we create opportunities for students to develop their skills through co-scholastic activities.

Parents Say

Students and Parents Club

It is a super friendly environment in Mount Litera Zee School Agra, we faced no difficulty in taking admission for our ward.

Sanjay Jain

We have been to many schools but our experience here was awesome

Manoj Agarwal

Keeping apart the education part, their extra curricular activities are phenomenal.

Daniel Sims

Super friendly staff, great teachers, keep up the good work!!

Vishnu Mehta


To help every students discover his / her unique potential. The philosophy and approach is based on a learner centric pedagogy, where we believe that every child is unique and has a different learning style.

Easy subject based links-Languages, Math, Hindi, Social Science, Science and Environmental studies.

The methodology is through the Litera Octave approach, and teaching through objectives, learner centric, and integrated through Multimedia presentations for each topic.

Technology integrated into curriculum.

Emphasis on experimental learning and freedom (from watching adults) and thus encourages higher level thinking-creative, diverse and imaginative.

Providing Resources like:

  1. Fully networked educational environment
  2. Learning Resource Centre in the form of Math lab, Gen science lab, Lang lab, and SS lab.
  3. Computer Lab with High Speed.
  4. Extensive Library Resources
  5. Internet Access in all classroom/most classrooms.
  6. Specialists in Music/Dance.
  7. Environment Education.
  8. Sports Education.

All these Resources benefit all learners differently.

  • Develops innate curiosity and motivation to learn by presenting difficult concepts in concrete practical ways.
  • The environment is both cooperative and collaborative which is conducive to help each child learn at his /her pace.
  • Collaborative learning community.
  • Safe and caring learning environment for students.
  • An inclusive educational setting with a focus on early interventions.
  • Strong Parental involvement.

Our staff is selected on the basis of their educational qualifications, relevant experience, and their attitude towards learning & and learners. They have a firm belief in our stated aim.

  • The teachers are trained over 3 levels annually.
  • Teachers are oriented towards Litera Octave Pedagogy.
  • Mentors are identified and trained to be master trainers.
  • The Mentors will be able to effectively review and guide other team members.
  • Co-curricular activities, which are part of the curriculum and are graded, will be tailored to meet the needs of every child
  • Co-curricular activities will be held during school hours and Extracurricular activities will take place after school hours
  • Co-curricular activities, which are part of the curriculum and are graded, will be tailored to meet the needs of every child. Example: Art & Craft, Games, SUPW etc.
  • Every child has to opt for 2 Extracurricular activities, the performance of which will reflect in the Report cards/Certificates they receive at the end of the year.
  • At the end of the year every child will have a Certificate to his credit.
  • The academic year will be divided in to Units and Terms. (Units are divided into Cycles).
  • Every Unit will carry 40% weightage and will be continuous and comprehensive Example: Class tests, Projects, Assignments, Home Work.
  • Every Terminal Examination will carry 60% weightage. 24% of this term paper will be Objective and the remaining 16% will be Subjective.
  • Critical difference here is 2/3rd of the paper will carry full marks.

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