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MLZS, Agra is The first school in Agra which has introduced 3D Lab for school students. From junior class to senior class students are learning ‘how to make 3D Objects and 3D printing’. Experts are teaching them about this new technique and we are happy that our students are learning it with zest and zeal. Through these 3D models, we can facilitate the learning experience by providing hands-on three-dimensional models. Concepts that have been historically difficult to grasp can be directly demonstrated with 3D printed visual aids that help students learn and retain ideas more easily. With this, 3D printing and mathematics can work together perfectly in order to create representations of hard to grasp mathematical concepts. Some students have difficulty understanding formulas and diagrams that exist only on paper and 3D printing can be used to help them envision concepts they might have trouble with. Like this 3D is the ideal way for students to visualize geological formation on a scale not possible with 2-dimensional maps and images. The students can create and print out 3D models of mountains, canyons, rivers, or any area of the Earth’s surface. This is an excellent way to get a feel for the look and scale of famous natural landmarks without having to travel there.